Eliminate Time But Gain Insight: Reporting Made Simple and More Valuable

Marilyn Cox
By Marilyn Cox

“Siri, how do you pull a report showing a visual breakdown of balance sheet assets and liabilities?” If only it were that easy ….

I love data like Oprah loves bread. But much like those sinful carbs, data comes with its own set of troubles. And those troubles often stem from actually compiling and formatting the data into something that insight can be pulled from. I can remember a time when I had to block off 2 entire days on my calendar every month to develop monthly analytic reports - and the ability to customize that data and drill down to the desired level was limiting.

So when you find those solutions that allow you to customize, quickly and automatically, it’s like receiving a gift.

Now I know, marketers are not supposed to talk about product features and function. We’re supposed to be subtle. Focus on the value ….

But imagine, if you will, the ability to develop highly customized reports with quick interactive-flexible-pivot table like abilities. Now take that information and use graphing options to visualize the story associated with the numbers.

What if you could compare and generate custom financial statements and general ledger reporting, budget to actual comparisons, and more for time periods important to you?

Or- what if you’re like me and you don’t want to build reports from scratch? What if you had 100 stock reports ready to use? Reports already built for Accounting, Membership, Employees, Guests, Inventory, Item, Marketing, Point of Sale, and Vendors?

Need to see it to believe it? Here’s an example! Flip through 49 pages of sample reports - and then let’s talk.