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POST DATE: Thursday , July 06, 2017 , 10:04 AM

Why Images Make or Break Your Website

When designing a new website, people often underestimate the importance of choosing the right photography. Below are some tips and guidelines to follow when deciding how to get the best results when selecting imagery for your website.



Content is Key

The content of your site is not limited to words. Photography plays a huge role in creating a visual experience for your members. You’ve heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words” well in this case, photo selection and placement within the website can tell a story about who you are as a club. Focus on the content and chose images that make sense with the specific content on each page. You wouldn’t want to use a picture of golf course on a dining page. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to show only pictures of one dining room when you have multiple. Choosing photos that compliment the content can result in more member engagement, higher page traffic and add quality design appeal to your site.



“Articles with images get 94% more total views” * 



Image 2-1.png

The right resolution

No matter how good the design is, bad photography can really bring down the aesthetic of the site. Although there are many ways to improve poor photography, starting off with good photos can bring your site to the next level. One of the biggest culprits of blurry imagery is placing low-resolution photos into hero image spaces. A hero image or banner image is a photo that takes up most of, if not, then the whole width of the page.


Often time’s people will try to add in images that aren’t high quality resolution into these spaces and the image looks blurry upon landing on the page. We recommend getting images with the highest resolution you’re able to get. Another reason we see image issues is when clients try to upload photos that are too small into an area, which again, stretches or blurs the photo. Make sure to use high-resolution photos as well as photos that are large enough to fill up the space provided for imagery. Choosing and placing photos is a vital part of your marketing communications and even your brand.


Angle Diversity is In

When taking photos for your website, remember that taking photos from different angles can add interest and excitement to your website. The photos below show you how you can take a picture of the same content matter but add a dynamic sense of depth to the photo by taking the photo from a different angle.

Choosing photos like the one on the right (above) can bring a sense of dimension and excitement to the page. We always recommend getting a professional photographer but keep this in mind when taking or choosing photos for your website. Photography can make or break the look and feel of your site. Often times, the better the photography, the better the site looks.



MelMonahan.png Mel Monahan
Melanie Monahan is a part of the Clubessential design team. She specializes in branding, website and app design, email layout design, marketing, and blogging.