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POST DATE: Monday , June 26, 2017 , 11:08 AM

5 Ways to Increase Page Ranking

Search Engine Optimization is extremely imporant to the the health of your website. Below, find out 5 ways to increase your page rankings to create more leads. For more tips on SEO Best Practices watch our webinar here.


When someone Googles “private golf club membership in south florida” they are hit with over 11 million results! Realistically people will only click on the top 5 results.  This means your goal is to get your site to land in the top 5 results out of 11 million hits.  Seems pretty daunting, but hang hang in there and follow these easy tips to get started. 


5 Ways to Increase Page Ranking:


1. Content, content, content! (Keywords, keywords, keywords)

Keyword density on your site is a great tool to help the search engines understand each page.  Simply putting “Membership” on the page will not cut it. Use things like “Membership at XYZ Club” and “club membership in South Florida”.  This gives the search engines a little more detail about the page so they can better rank your page in search results.

2. Up to date website technology

Make sure your website is responsive and looks just as good on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop.  Google rewards websites with up to date technology and will result is higher page ranking for your site.

3. Keep the site dynamic

Updating your site content regularly is a great tool to keep the search engines engaged with your site. The search engines like to see that the site is active and up to date.  Simply loading your content to the site one time and never touching it again will not cut it no matter how great that content is.

4. Social Media

Using social media platforms is a great way to drive meaningful traffic back to your site.  That meaningful traffic will engage with your site and in turn increase your page rankings in the search engines. An important piece to remember here is that social media should be a tool to drive traffic to your site, not the other way around. The end goal is to get more people to your club’s site, so use facebook and twitter to tease an upcoming event, but make sure they have to click through to the site for full details.

5. Track your results

This seems like a no brainer, but tracking your SEO results will let you know what is working and what you need to tweak as far as your website goes.  Using the seo results is also a great way to help plan out further campaigns on your site.  You can track and benchmark your website's success beyond just how you show up in the search results.


The world of SEO is giant and the above 5 pieces are just the surface of a tool that is so important in making your business known to the world.

If you would like to learn more about Search Engine Optimization, watch our SEO & Social Media Webinar here. 


HannahClare.png Hannah Clare
Hannah Clare is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Clubessential. She specializes in Search Engine Optimization, helping clients craft relevant and compelling content to drive their online visibility.